Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X is a car that constantly moves the boundaries of a car manufacturing. It is an electromobile that has the range of 240 miles of a quiet, engine noise free ride.

Exterior and Interior Design

Keep in mind this is the electic car and it means it has to be very aerodynamic to gain driving range and push it to the limits of today’s technology. It is a very modern design that is eye catchy and quite popular among customers. No one could stay indifferent and not give a peak to a Tesla Model X while it noiselessly passes by. The rear doors are gull-wing doors and those are still eye appealing to everybody, but front doors remained standard. The Tesla Model X is made to be a full-sized Crossover Utility Vehicle.

Inside the Tesla Model X, there is enough space and technology features to give you very pleasant and enjoyable time spent in it. It has seven seats to acommodate seven adults and their package. The autnonomy is a little under the influence of the number of passengers and it will certainly go further and easier with less passengers. Seats are light, but very comfortable and are wide enough for an average American. There is a big touch screen on the middle of the central console that gives you all the information about the car and the access to the infotainment system.

Tesla Model X Batteries

The batteries are lithium-ion packs and has 70 or 85 kWh. These batteries can give you very cheap and silent drives. It is expected from Tesla Model X to reach from 0-60 in less than 3,2 seconds with these batteries. There are many charging stations all over the USA and Europe. Tesla says the number of stations will only go higher with time.

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Release Date and Price

The first Tesla Model X is expected to hit the market on September 29th. The date is near and the price should be around $132,000.

All information you can need: http://www.teslamotors.com/modelx

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