2019 Toyota GT-86 Convertible

2019 Toyota GT-86 Convertible long-awaited sporty car and perhaps one of the most rumored model in past few years. The reason is special design that has been expected with this model, together with great engine and much more power that comes with it. For those who are looking for a greatly designed car just for showing off, this car could be the best choice. Continue reading “2019 Toyota GT-86 Convertible”

2019 Toyota Supra

There are many questions about 2019 Toyota Supra, but we can be sure in our predictions that this year is a year of a new version of this very popular sporty car. When we say new version, we must point the fact that the car will not be made on the same BMW platform that has been used before (BMW is still using it for Z4 models), it will not have the same size and it will have a very interesting new engine. Continue reading “2019 Toyota Supra”

2019 Toyota Celica

You may feel nostalgic at the mention of the name 2019 Toyota Celica since this model has been removed from the market in 2005. When that happened, people from Toyota said that the model was not attractive anymore as many new and more interesting models had been showed then. However, for some reasons Toyota has changed their opinion and decided to provide new and redesigned car under the old name. Expectedly, this car is as much attractive as the old model and has some details that were on the last model, but this time it is modernized and changed. Continue reading “2019 Toyota Celica”

2019 Toyota Corolla – Just what you looking for

Old fans will be thrilled to know that there is 2019 Toyota Corolla planned to be debuted next year, as 12th generation of this very popular model. As the first spy photos made on test driving in March, we have many reasons to be curious about this model. There is thick protection over the front end, while the sides of the car and a roof are not finished yet. However, the rear end is visible, but not complete, which implies more work on that part of the car, too. Whatever it is, as the last model has been revealed in 2014 (in Japan even before that), there is a high expectation from this model and change it could have. Continue reading “2019 Toyota Corolla – Just what you looking for”

2019 Toyota TJ Cruiser

2019 Toyota TJ Cruiser is a good option for those who need a toolbox in a vehicle and a vehicle that is actually a box for all types of tools. It may look like a toy at first glance, but that is only a first impression. Even though the manufacturer claims that the shorten TJ actually means “toolbox” and “joy” this is more than a funny boxy van. The idea is not new, as we know that Toyota already tried the same with Scion XB in 2015 and FJ Cruiser last year, but this is a completely new model and serious car with great features. Continue reading “2019 Toyota TJ Cruiser”

2018 Toyota Sequoia Review and Specs

From a variety of SUV’s on the market, we can gladly choose a 2018 Toyota Sequoia to review it. Why you may ask? Well, besides Ford and Chevrolet, this vehicle is worth reviewing because it comes from one of the most valuable factory in the world – Toyota. Continue reading “2018 Toyota Sequoia Review and Specs”

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