2019 Lincoln Navigator

As if the last model was not attractive enough, the manufacturer decided to make few changes and offer a new one, 2019 Lincoln Navigator. When they redesigned last model, current Navigator, they said that their main goal is to make more attractive and modern vehicle as buyers demand. This time, thus, they wanted to improve model a little and add only a few details in order to make the car modern. That is why we do not expect many changes in this model and those details which are changed are very interesting and attractive. Continue reading “2019 Lincoln Navigator”

2018 Lincoln MKX Review, Price and Interior

2018 Lincoln MKX is the most popular crossover SUV on the wishlist of the majority of Americans. It hit Google so much it is now the first and most used query sorted by popularity. It is expected to be this way, as Lincoln makes their vehicles flawlessly through the years now. Continue reading “2018 Lincoln MKX Review, Price and Interior”

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2019 Lincoln Continental

This new 2019 Lincoln Continental is set to be unveiled in late 2017 as a 2019 model. Lincoln was always known as a luxury car and new 2019 Continental is no different. Taking place at MKS ground, new Lincoln model will get its buyers in no time. Continue reading “2019 Lincoln Continental”

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2018 Lincoln Continental

Is the 2018 Lincoln Continental prepared to see the light of the day? The brand-new idea was formally revealed few days before the 2016 New York Auto Show. “This is an idea which for us signals the future of what we call silent high-end. The Idea is a really solid tip: I’ll underscore quite strong tip, regarding just what you’ll view in the manufacturing vehicle,” Mark Fields, Ford Electric motor Company president and also Chief Executive Officer, said. The concept of the new 2015 Lincoln Continental features LED matrix headlamps with laser-assist high beam of lights, E-Latch door manages and SPD SmartGlass tinting sunroof. Continue reading “2018 Lincoln Continental”

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2017 Lincoln MKZ Review and Price

The new 2017 Lincoln MKZ is maybe the sign of the modernization of designing and preparing the new lines of the car for the future. Even the Lincoln has been known as the manufacturer with fewer changes on the markets; it seems that they’ve made a turnaround in term of design and engine performances. After summer 2016 when the expected to start sales of this car are it will be the completely new car with still unseen features in this class of the car. Continue reading “2017 Lincoln MKZ Review and Price”

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2017 Lincoln Continental

The new model of Lincoln, the 2017 Lincoln Continental is set to come back to the market in 2016. There are numerous articles on the internet about the 2015 Lincoln continental and you should all know it is unveiled at the New York Auto Show. The comeback of the Continental is officially stated by Lincoln. Continue reading “2017 Lincoln Continental”

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