2019 Hummer H3

2019 Hummer H3 as a new heavy load truck made for the special purpose, mostly for off-road adventures. Its squared shape could confuse the future buyers, but it is attractive and interesting as well as comfortable inside for five passengers. This truck was very popular in 90’s and mostly among rappers, but now it should be attractive to young buyers as well. Continue reading “2019 Hummer H3”

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2019 Hummer H1

2019 Hummer H1 is an old car under the new name, made by the new manufacturer, but with the memory of old cars as we know. To be more confused, the popular vehicle is made in the new factory because the old manufacturer does not want to make new models again. Let’s recall the old Hummer, it has been made in GM until 2010, when that manufacturer simply stopped with producing, but without the plan how that brand will be produced in the future. So, buyers who loved Hummer simply had no chances to see again their lovely car. However, three visionaries Bob Lutz, Gilbert Villarreal and Henrik Fisker, owners of VLF Automotives, started with the production of these models in China, preparing them for China market only. Continue reading “2019 Hummer H1”

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2019 Hummer H2 Rumors

There are many commendations we can say about 2019 Hummer H2 and many of them are about amazing design of this model. Being known to its massiveness and largeness, Hummer simply must keep the same design in every new model, and as we concerned, that happens with this model too. Improving design to be more aggressive, but wrapped in some kind of elegance and strength, new Hummer provides a much better visual impression, as well as modernity and stylishness. However, that is not the only we can say about new Hummer, as we must mention comfortable cabin and some improvements in cabin equipment. Continue reading “2019 Hummer H2 Rumors”

2018 Hummer H2 Release Date


Making it’s way into the SUV classics arena is the 2018 Hummer H2 which is a new version of the hummer that is absolutely stunning. Contrary to other Hummer models, the 2018 Hummer H2 will have a lot more comfort features and high end tech devices to make it more of a practical car and way better than any other average SUV that you will find on the road. Continue reading “2018 Hummer H2 Release Date”

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2017 Hummer H2 Rumors

The 2017 Hummer H2 could be a sport utility vehicle (SUV) and a sport utility truck (SUT) that is marketed by General Motors under the Hummer brand. It could be much longer and bigger truck than the H1 model. It could suit six or even seven passengers including driver. The hummer H2 is the first Hummer vehicle that had letters H-U-M-M-E-R between the grille. And it looks great. Continue reading “2017 Hummer H2 Rumors”

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