2018 BMW M3 Review and Specs

2018 BMW M3 is a coupe which is producing since 1983. Its size which is not big but rather small and very powerful engines made this car very popular among younger customers. It is easy to drive and cheap to maintain and the driving feels like you are in a sports car. Continue reading “2018 BMW M3 Review and Specs”

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2017 BMW 7 Series G11

This year BMW will introduce the newest member of its sedan family, 2017 BMW 7 series G11 (this will be standard wheelbase car; the long wheelbase is designated as G12).
The great looking flagship model will be packed with exciting new features and it?s going to be lighter as well. Let’s see what is planned for… Continue reading “2017 BMW 7 Series G11”

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2017 BMW i3 Review and Price

The name BMW i3 is not given by accident. That means that whole new line in the next year will be the part of the new model’s mark, logically named for electric car and which will consist of new models with completely new features. First will be made three models – aside this i3 small hatchback there will be also the i8 plug-in hybrid coupe and the new model which still doesn’t have the name. The knowers refer about new, still unnamed model, known as i5, but there is no clear information about it. Rumors are, BMW i3 will offer some exclusive specs to future Apple Car, which is just a concept for now. Continue reading “2017 BMW i3 Review and Price”

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2017 BMW 5-series Sedan

We just can imagine how the new generation of BMW will look like, but nobody can predict the real appearance of 2017 BMW 5-series Sedan. Judging by all spy photos we have a chance to see in past couple of months, there is no much change in between third or seventh BMW series, but that’s not quite true information. Thus, we have an obligation to explore the new BMW sedan and find all changes and details which make him unique and original. Continue reading “2017 BMW 5-series Sedan”

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2017 BMW X4 xDrive35d

Say hello to upcoming 2017 BMW X4 xDrive35d. Currently on display at the 2016 Geneva Auto Show has a looks of a sport car built on a SUV platform. Exciting combination for sure. Furthermore, with this compact luxury crossover SUV, you will not need to leave anybody behind. The five-door X4 is big enough to transport five passengers and all their gear. Add to that all the up-to-date tech and safety packages and you are set for any road trip. Continue reading “2017 BMW X4 xDrive35d”