2019 Toyota TJ Cruiser

2019 Toyota TJ Cruiser is a good option for those who need a toolbox in a vehicle and a vehicle that is actually a box for all types of tools. It may look like a toy at first glance, but that is only a first impression. Even though the manufacturer claims that the shorten TJ actually means “toolbox” and “joy” this is more than a funny boxy van. The idea is not new, as we know that Toyota already tried the same with Scion XB in 2015 and FJ Cruiser last year, but this is a completely new model and serious car with great features.


Design and shape of 2019 Toyota TJ Cruiser surely attract attention. There are great small rounded lights on front bumper, to fulfill the shape of the box. That front end is decorated with simple gridded grille and flat bottom of the bumper. The rear end is also boxy, with small and simple lights and the whole van is in shape of a cube, with flat roof and sides. The car is covered with a special type of grey color, which protects the van from scratches and damages.


All about 2019 Toyota TJ Cruiser is practical usage about. That includes the inside of the car, with many additions that are great for those who are planning to use it in daily duties. There are anchors and hooks for rope, in case that you are planning to use it for heavy and large boxes. Speaking about heavy load, all seats, except the driver’s one, could be folded to a flat position, so the whole cabin could be a truck. Design of the cabin, on the other hand, is modern and attractive as on any other trucks nowadays.

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There are predictions that 2019 Toyota TJ Cruiser could be equipped with 2.0-liter petrol engine paired with the electric part, so this car will be offered only as a hybrid model. That is a logical step if we know that these types of cars are made to be useful, practical and economic, and hybrid engine fulfills all expectations. As some rumors said, we should expect that TJ Cruiser will be made on TNGA platform with a hybrid engine, as many other Toyota’s today.

2019 Toyota TJ Cruiser Release Date and Price

It is hard to predict when 2019 Toyota TJ Cruiser will be on the road precisely, but we expect it at the beginning of 2018. After revealing on Toyota Auto Show this year we expect that manufacturer will not wait long to start selling of the model.

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