2019 Toyota Supra

There are many questions about 2019 Toyota Supra, but we can be sure in our predictions that this year is a year of a new version of this very popular sporty car. When we say new version, we must point the fact that the car will not be made on the same BMW platform that has been used before (BMW is still using it for Z4 models), it will not have the same size and it will have a very interesting new engine.


As Toyota’s CEO announced later past year, 2019 Toyota Supra will not be made on classic Toyota platform anymore. It will be made on new Gazoo platform that Toyota and Lexus have taken before and represents a new platform for sports models made in these factories. As the matter of fact, the Supra will be the first car which will be made on this platform. As we saw in spy photos, it has a very low hood and roof, which implies low center of gravity, both together with lightweight materials, like a metal sheet and carbon fiber effect on speed. There is recognizable Supra front end with wide air intake on the bottom and massive front end with large LED front lights. The rear end has a wide and highly positioned spoiler, making recognizable ducktail truck lid. Even we saw on spy photos some details that were being seen on the prototype from 2014, like protruding nose and double-bubble roof, it is an obviously smaller model than the concept car.



It is very interesting to hear how Toyota resolved a problem with engine strength in new 2019 Toyota Supra, announced 2013 as a new Hybrid-R Concept. It is actually a combination of petrol V6 engine and an electric unit, where petrol engine sends power to rear wheels and electric motor drives front wheels, closing on that way a through-the-road hybrid setup. However, experts who watched test driving in Nierenberg said that engine under the hood sounds like V6 classic petrol unit, so we should wait for the final version. There are rumors that Toyota could offer four-in-line engine model in base trim, too.

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2019 Toyota Supra Release Date and Price

It is hard to predict the price of 2019 Toyota Supra since it is completely changed model and could offer a different engine solution. Some fans predict the price of $50,000 which is higher than the price for Corvette, so there would be better for Toyota that they have a lot of novelties to offer. It is also known that this car will be made in the Magna Steyr factory located in Graz, Austria.

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