2019 Toyota Corolla – Just what you looking for

Old fans will be thrilled to know that there is 2019 Toyota Corolla planned to be debuted next year, as 12th generation of this very popular model. As the first spy photos made on test driving in March, we have many reasons to be curious about this model. There is thick protection over the front end, while the sides of the car and a roof are not finished yet. However, the rear end is visible, but not complete, which implies more work on that part of the car, too. Whatever it is, as the last model has been revealed in 2014 (in Japan even before that), there is a high expectation from this model and change it could have.


It is for sure that 2019 Toyota Corolla will be marked with great changes and redesign. It will be made on new Toyota’s TNGA modular platform which is already used for new Prius, Camry and C-HR, too. That platform is described as much more stable, with better rigidity, so needed in fast driving to provide a stable and better-controlled car. Thanks to that change, new Corolla will be much better handled and driven than before. Other changes are not clearly visible under the protection, but we expect changes in the front end, which was hidden the most on test driving. The rear end is sedan-like flat and simple, with different rear lights, but obviously needs more work to be done and a finalization.


We are not sure what will be changed in 2019 Toyota Corolla and especially is not clear how the cabin will be redesigned.

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Even though there is no information about the engine in new 2019 Toyota Corolla, it is for sure that it will be changed, and be at least four-in-line version with a hybrid option. Major changes, however, could be made in transmission, as Toyota replaces its six-speed transmissions in old models with new and improved 8 and 10 speed ones. Those, together with special CVT automatic transmission showed much better performances and changes stability and strength of the car.

2019 Toyota Corolla Release date and Price

As we said, we should expect to release of 2019 Toyota Corolla at the end of 2018, if everything goes well. We are not sure in price yet, but as the last model had a price around $20,000 it could be the same number for the new model, too. There will be changes in current Corolla in, too, as Toyota is working on redesigning of this popular hatchback. Information about that model will be known later.

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