2019 Toyota Celica

You may feel nostalgic at the mention of the name 2019 Toyota Celica since this model has been removed from the market in 2005. When that happened, people from Toyota said that the model was not attractive anymore as many new and more interesting models had been showed then. However, for some reasons Toyota has changed their opinion and decided to provide new and redesigned car under the old name. Expectedly, this car is as much attractive as the old model and has some details that were on the last model, but this time it is modernized and changed.


Perhaps the most interest causes design of 2019 Toyota Celica since the last models were very attractive and sporty. According to information we have, there will not be many changes in exterior design, but the manufacturer will put some improvements. The sporty massive front end will get redesigned LED front lights and slightly changed grille, while there will be found thin air intake on the bottom with small rounded fog lights. the rear end will also be redesigned with modernly designed LED rear lights.


Cabins in cars have been changed by now, so 2019 Toyota Celica cannot look the same as an old model anymore. That includes much better quality in materials including leather and carbon fiber, with redesigned dashboard and touchscreen on it. In terms of technology, there are many improvements, like USB connection, Bluetooth connectivity, but also navigation system, cruise control and driving assistant with rearview camera.

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The engine in 2019 Toyota Celica could be the same as on the last model, but there are expected some changes in strength and torque. If our information is true, that could be 1.4-liter petrol unit in the base model with 186 horsepower and 185 pound-feet of torque, but that is only in the base model. The stronger version could have 250 or even 300 horsepower of strength with higher fuel consumption. However, the transmission will not be five-speed anymore as the manufacturer changed the transmission in other old models, so expect at least six-speed gearbox or more.

2019 Toyota Celica Release Date and Price

We know that after this article you are more than thrilled to hear when 2019 Toyota Celica will be on the market. According to the manufacturer, that could happen in second half of 2018 for the price of $25,000 for the base model. Time will say if people still love this car and selling will show if they are willing to pay that much for this model again.

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