2019 Land Rover Discovery 5

2019 Land Rover Discovery 5 should be a continuation of the famous model made in this factory under the three letters SVX or it is better to say, as a version of it. Basically, it is a machine made from JLR’s Special Vehicle Operations, but much improved and redesigned. The main difference is lifted the base of the car and better suspension, so the car is capable of driving on any terrains, as well as changed engine strength, so this time the car could have better acceleration and more horsepower. This time a vehicle is much easier controlled on the road, stable and surely offers much more pleasure on fast driving.


As we said, many changes on 2019 Land Rover Discovery 5 is in terms of stability and controlling on the road. First and maybe the most important change is redesigned and improved suspension, called Hydraulic Active Roll Control, originally made in Land Rover. Thanks to it, the car is stable and easily driven even on rough terrain. It also provides more control and stability on the road. It that is not enough, there are large 20-inch wheels. The car now has muscular and massive front end, with practically hidden grille and large LED lights, but more interesting is wide metallic protection above the front bumper. The rear end, on the other hand, looks more traditional, even there are such things like modernized rear lights and decoration on the truck door. However, the manufacturer also offered special metallic protection, which makes the rear bumper even lower, almost to the ground. We are sure that it provides stability and control.

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The cabin in 2019 Land Rover Discovery 5 is traditional and maybe too simple for the vehicle as Discovery should look like. There are flat and simple seats in front of the simply designed dashboard. However, we will wait for the final version to see how this car will actually look like.


Although there is no information about the engine in 2019 Land Rover Discovery 5, we are sure that it will be at least V8 model, with an eight-speed transmission and numerous parts and improvements for better driving and stability. Some of them are hill-descent control, dynamic stability control, Land Rover’s driver-assistance technologies, variable-ratio powering steering and much more.

2019 Land Rover Discovery 5 Release Date and Price

In case that you are still not convinced in magnificent changes in new 2019 Land Rover Discovery 5, you should visit next Frankfurt Auto Show, when the manufacturer will show it. Selling starts at the end of the year.

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