2019 Ford Thunderbird

2019 Ford Thunderbird could be a car which matches two main components nowadays, a great modern design and high-technology and luxury equipment. Since this will be the fifth generation of very popular models in the US, the manufacturer had a lot of reasons to be careful when making it. Besides the longer wheelbase and wider and bigger front end, there is an elegantly shaped vehicle with many attractive details. Even though we expect a high luxury two-door coupe, there are high chances that manufacturer will offer few more versions of the seats and doors, as the car could become a convertible as well.


Last Thunderbird has been criticized for being awkwardly designed and shaped in a way that fans and buyers simply could not be able to accept. 2019 Ford Thunderbird is now similar to the cars in its class and design will surely satisfy even the most demanded buyers. Rhomboidal mesh grille has thin LED taillights at the ends and very thin air intake on the bottom. The rear end is thinner and has also thin rear lights above metallic protection and curved truck door.


It is expected that the cabin in 2019 Ford Thunderbird will be the same or similar to other Ford’s models, like Ranger, for example, so there are no many things to say about that. There will be offered a leather trim with adjustable seats and better equipment, but base model will get the modernly designed dashboard, the large touchscreen in the middle and surely one of the greatness devices which Ford is popular with for.

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The engine in 2019 could be AJ-V8 with 35 VVT (Variable Device The right time) model, already proven as the best in high luxury and fast cars like Jaguar S-type and Lincoln LS. This engine is usually under the name ETC which is an abbreviation for Electrical Throttle Manage. It is also highly expected that this engine will be paired with a five-speed transmission and produce around 280 horsepower and 286 pound-feet of torque. Even though the manufacturer has not said a lot about the engine in this model, we expect the best safety package in the class and many innovations in terms of the speed and control functions.

2019 Ford Thunderbird Release Date and Price

According to buyers, the last Thunderbird has not been well accepted among them, mostly because of bad design. With 2019 Ford Thunderbird that problem obviously could be resolved, as the design is changed. Now it is an attractive and luxury car, with a good engine and great safety performances.

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