2019 Buick Grand National – Begins with a joy

2019 Buick Grand National brings so many changes that every buyer will be satisfied with, but some of those changes are not visible either attractive. As the manufacturer decided, most of redesigning are in terms of technology in the cabin and material which is a car made of. The reason is bad fuel economy which this car had in past decade and which caused low selling and bad reviews. This time car is made of lightweight materials and has improved engine, so we cannot deny that new Buick is an economic car for every type of buyers.


As we said, the main change in 2019 Buick Grand National is not its design but more the materials used in producing it. This time it is carbon fiber, a proven material for decreasing of the car weight. Besides that, there is the same shape of the car with slightly redesigned LED lights and recognizable front grille rounded with chrome. The rear end is sedan-like simple and sharp, with redesigned rear lights and spoiler on the top of the door with the thin LED line below it.


Besides the great comfort and luxury in the cabin of 2019 Buick Grand National, there are much better devices and technology which every buyer simply has to like. Things like auto whether information, satellite station, and seat heating are in demand past years and Buick drivers will get it in this car.


The engine is one of the most objurgated parts in last Buick, so it is not a big surprise that manufacturer changes it first. New 2019 Buick Grand National now has 3.5-liter V6 engine paired with the six-speed automatic transmission which had better numbers on test driving for even 20% lower thanks to lightweight materials and different bonnet where it is placed. This model has the strength of 386 horsepower or even 400. Besides that, there will be found 2.0-liter petrol engine and 3.6-liter V6 one, too, on customers’ demand.

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2019 Buick Grand National Release Date and Price

It is still not clear when 2019 Buick Grand National will be released, as the manufacturer announced starting with producing later this year or even at beginning of 2018. It is more likely that we should expect this car at the end of 2018. Starting price is around $30,000, which was the price for the last model, but this time you will be able to choose which of technology additions you will like in the car, so the price will change according to that.

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