2019 Ford Taurus

For those who love Ford’s cars, the name 2019 Ford Taurus should not be a new one. It has been on the market for more than 30 years, changing design and shape, improving the engines and following the modernized models from their own factories. However, as many new cars have shown on the market in past decade, Taurus was simply lost its place on the market even among the most faithful buyers. The reason could be much better-designed models made in Ford and other popular manufacturers, or simply losing the step with other brands on the market. Some rumors said that Taurus will not be offered on US market anymore, so this model is actually a Chinese version of it, offered only for buyers who live there. In that case, many changes will be made to adjust the model to that market. Continue reading “2019 Ford Taurus”

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2019 Ford Thunderbird

2019 Ford Thunderbird could be a car which matches two main components nowadays, a great modern design and high-technology and luxury equipment. Since this will be the fifth generation of very popular models in the US, the manufacturer had a lot of reasons to be careful when making it. Besides the longer wheelbase and wider and bigger front end, there is an elegantly shaped vehicle with many attractive details. Even though we expect a high luxury two-door coupe, there are high chances that manufacturer will offer few more versions of the seats and doors, as the car could become a convertible as well. Continue reading “2019 Ford Thunderbird”

2019 Hummer H2 Rumors

There are many commendations we can say about 2019 Hummer H2 and many of them are about amazing design of this model. Being known to its massiveness and largeness, Hummer simply must keep the same design in every new model, and as we concerned, that happens with this model too. Improving design to be more aggressive, but wrapped in some kind of elegance and strength, new Hummer provides a much better visual impression, as well as modernity and stylishness. However, that is not the only we can say about new Hummer, as we must mention comfortable cabin and some improvements in cabin equipment. Continue reading “2019 Hummer H2 Rumors”

2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia

2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia represents a return of the very popular model in past and also a fulfilling of the class with the coupe version of the new line in this factory. Being a highly popular manufacturer that make sporty cars in past, Alfa Romeo faced with decreasing of the selling during 90’s and 2000’s. There were important to come back with something fresh but similar to other popular cars on the market, so Alfa Romeo made new models. That is how Giulia sedan and Stelvio crossover has been made. Now is time for a coupe, and this version maybe is called Sprint in future, is right here. Continue reading “2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia”

2019 Land Rover Discovery 5

2019 Land Rover Discovery 5 should be a continuation of the famous model made in this factory under the three letters SVX or it is better to say, as a version of it. Basically, it is a machine made from JLR’s Special Vehicle Operations, but much improved and redesigned. The main difference is lifted the base of the car and better suspension, so the car is capable of driving on any terrains, as well as changed engine strength, so this time the car could have better acceleration and more horsepower. This time a vehicle is much easier controlled on the road, stable and surely offers much more pleasure on fast driving. Continue reading “2019 Land Rover Discovery 5”

2019 Dodge SRT Barracuda

It was a long time ago when Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne announced 2019 Dodge SRT Barracuda, as a new car under the famous name and attractive design. However, when Marchionne said that, it was 2013, and he promised that the car will look like the Barracuda and has a unique design. Fans, on the other hand, said that it is not a real Barracuda and this car should not be called like that in any circumstances, explaining this with numerous changes in the design of the car. In 2013 even the manufacturer has not wanted to use that name, so we were confused which part will be Barracuda actually. Even the design and shape of the car is a big question. As the first Barracuda made in 70’s firstly has a muscle design, then became a classic European style car and then was been closer to Formula 1. So, not is a question which of those designs manufacturer will use. The only thing which is known is that it will have an engine stronger than 350 horsepower under the hood. Continue reading “2019 Dodge SRT Barracuda”