2017 Ford Thunderbird With More Enhancements

The 2017 Ford Thunderbird is a new and enhanced legend which is from ford. The manufacturers are ready to publish it on the market in the year 2017. The 2017 Ford Thunderbird is built with two doors and have the T-bird finishing style. The appearance and its performance are improved. It is an amazing car which uses the new method.

2017 Ford Thunderbird Release date

The release date of 2017 Ford Thunderbird is not known. It is expected to come at the year 2016 ending. The ford doesn’t provide the information for releasing the 2017 Ford Thunderbird.


The price of 2017 Ford Thunderbird is not yet announced. It can be predicted that it will be $30,000. The company should introduce the price of the car with reasonable rate to record the sales. The 2017 Ford Thunderbird is competitive to gain the good reply from the customers.


The 2017 Ford Thunderbird has a very similar design with the previous system. It uses the two door coupe scheme like the previous well known model of the Thunderbird. It has a long wheelbase, so the car is comfortable to enjoy on longer trips. It is a nice looking car which provides better driving experience.


There is no idea about the engine of 2017 Ford Thunderbird. The authorized information is not provided. It is estimated that the new 2016 Ford Thunderbird will be same as the previous model engine. It is the AJ-26 and 4 liter V8, which is able to produce 252 HP and 267 lb-ft of torque. The powerhouse of an engine is the combination of ford 5R55N. The current model of ford, has the multiport hypodermic with the five speed automatic gearbox. It generates the new power trains in the vehicles. There will be a change in the hood and wheelbase provide better control and drive.

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Exterior design

The two door coupe is model of the classic car which is popular during the 50s and 60s. In 1960s model, the Thunderbird contains a coupe. The logo of Thunderbird will be present in front of the car. The design includes the improved C-column.

Interior design

The 2017 Ford Thunderbird does not provide more information about automobile. The report of an automobile is an option for the physique construction which provide the benefit of car cabin. The frame car body is large and automobile have the possibility of providing much space to the interior. The inside of the car have the comfortable design. It has the wrapped alcove seating at the rear. The 2016 Ford Thunderbird will come with spacious design. The engine used in the new model will satisfy the demand. The cabin is made with aluminum, wood and fiber products. The style of this model is elegant and has very comfy seats. The photographers didn’t take the shots inside the car. There will be a larger space of the head and for the leg.


The 2017 Ford Thunderbird series are the popular car designs which are provided by the manufacturers of ford. This is going to be a No.1 car when it hits the market.

More information: FordUSA

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8 thoughts on “2017 Ford Thunderbird With More Enhancements

  1. i like this 2017 Ford Thunderbird. I was and is still is a lasting memory and my friends then still remember it now. That’s what dreams and hope and desire feels like and makes you feel very good to have something everyone else has and loves and also brags about and can be passed down to your children whom are learning to drive. Please rethink this one.

  2. the t bird is very much updated and is a genuine head turner. I cant wait to drive it and i hope it comes standard with the 2 l eco boost engine.

  3. I live in Cuba. I would like to have a new Ford Thunderbird. Was my dream from as teenager. I love Thunderbirds.. Congratulations by this reborn!!!

  4. This car should stand out from the crowd like the Continental. It’s iconic and deserves more thought in the exterior design. It doesn’t have the “flair’ that make it distinctive like at true Thunderbird. This car looks like scraps from the parts bin. Please rethink this one.

  5. I love the new Thunderbird. I WANT ONE! Ford has to make this car. just wish I had a pic of the rear. Looks like there are tail lights on top of the trunk

  6. I would love to see a new model Thunderbird car come out and be affordable for the middle working class people. I learned to drive in a Thunderbird it was a big, brown car with a nice and smooth ride. I loved the car and so did my friends. When you learned to drive in this car as I did you can drive anything after that and not be intimidated at all. It was a very reliable car then and now it should be brought back to life with more body appeal and a smooth aerodynamic look along with reliability, space on the inside like the old ones had and at an affordable price for all. Do not just make this car available to the rich because everyone should be able to enjoy and experience the car for the way I did. I was and is still is a lasting memory and my friends then still remember it now. That’s what dreams and hope and desire feels like and makes you feel very good to have something everyone else has and loves and also brags about and can be passed down to your children whom are learning to drive.

  7. Uh-oh. The Law of Aerodynamics has determined what every other manufacturer has built. The exterior differences between a Chev or a Toyota or a VW rely on the trim package, otherwise they all have approximately the same shape, same general appearance. Here, the T-Bird has done the same -same aerodynamic efficiency = the same (almost everything) as every other car! The vehicle has an aggressive ‘face’ but is marred by the Ford Logo (placement makes it look like a Taurus!). I think the designers missed it. Thunderbird was a luxury sports car. That concept has been replaced by ‘Every Other Car’ -again.

  8. Always wanted a T-Bird! Got to have this one if/when it’s made. Kind of reminds me of that old Beach Boys song.

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