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Steve Jobs for sure was one of the most brilliant minds in the area of innovative technology. According to his associates, he was considering constructing an Apple car back in 2008, but at that moment company redirected all of their efforts for developing to become most popular Apple products-Iphone and Ipad. According to official sources, Apple is planning to release first electric car, most probably in 2017 or even in 2016. So far its name will be Titan. The main competitors of this vehicle will be Tesla cars. Some information came that Apple car could borrow a front fascia from Faraday Future car manufacturer, which is a brand new company that had a breakthrough on the market earlier this year. In fact, Apple Company is everything about this brand new product keeping from the eyes of the public and therefore all the information that will be presented in this article are based on rumors and speculations.

Exterior and Interior of Apple Car

2017 Apple Car design
2017 Apple Car design

So far any information about exterior and interior design of 2017 Apple Car wasn’t released, but most of the speculations claim that it is possible that this future vehicle will be raised on BMW i3 platform. This is an electric car made by German car manufacturer which first incorporated iPad as part of the standard equipment. Therefore most of assumptions are in favor of this platform to be used. Like BMW i3, the body of Apple Car will be composed of plenty of carbon fiber parts, which will result in quite low weight. We expect exterior to look futuristic and aerodynamics, almost like future cars in video games and SF movies. 2017 Apple Car might not have a grille and classical keys and door lock. Instead, you will be able to enter the cabin using fingerprint reading.

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2017 Apple Car inside
2017 Apple Car inside

We still don’t have a clue about interior design of the cabin in 2017 Apple Car. We might guess that for upholstery premium materials will be used. Somehow, we believe that this future car will have plenty of carbon fiber or aluminum accents all over the cabin. We expect premium touch screen display with plenty of apps and gadgets.

Apple Car Engine (Powertrain)

2017 Apple Car exterior
2017 Apple Car exterior

It hasn’t been revealed anything about engine of Apple Car, but we might assume that only electric type of engine will be an option. The engine will be powered by the battery that will have capacity for up to 300 miles. Some rumors spread about this car being driverless, but this option won’t be possible in 2017 model.

2017 Apple Car Release Date and Price

We assume that 2017 Apple Car will cost around $55,000. Even though release date wasn’t announced precisely, we are looking forward to see it on the market in the late 2016.

Latest information about Apple Car!

By the latest rumors, Fiat Chrysler Group could start producing Apple Cars!
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