Mercedes G-Code Concept


The era in which car manufacturers are trying to lower the fuel consumption and the gas emission, Mercedes presents the Mercedes G-Code concept that goes further away in that direction.

Mercedes recently has announced first photos and technical details of new concept G-Code at Los Angeles California auto show, where this crossover will have an official world premiere. Except the unusual design, Mercedes G-Code will have futuristic technology and systems that will bring us to lower energy consumption. Mercedes G-Code will use renewable energy sources to run, like the sun energy or the air flow.

Mercedes G-Code – the whole car as a solar panel

Mercedes has predicted to run the vehicle using a system that is powered by hydrogen and electricity. The idea is that the part of the energy will be received from the sun, but unlike some other models such as the Toyota Prius, Mercedes will not use the classical solar panels.
Instead, the German manufacturer has envisioned that virtually the entire body is one big collector of the solar energy. The secret is in the chemical composition and structure of the paint, what the car is painted with, is capable of transforming the solar energy into the electricity.
In addition, the outer surface of the vehicle will generate electrostatic energy caused by the movement of air around the car while driving, or flow of the wind when the vehicle is stationary.
If all this sounds like science fiction to you, you are right in some extent. Mercedes has not yet produced such paint and generators of electrostatic energy, but these technologies are already in process of making a prototype.
Therefore, the Mercedes G-Code, at this time, is still only an ambitious design study that shows one of the possible routes how the Mercedes cars will be developed in the future.

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Release Date and Price

The release date and price of Mercedes G-Code is not yet known, but we are hoping that it will be announced in a short period of time. We are hoping it will happen in 2016…
Mercedes Benz G-Code

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