2019 Ford Thunderbird

2019 Ford Thunderbird could be a car which matches two main components nowadays, a great modern design and high-technology and luxury equipment. Since this will be the fifth generation of very popular models in the US, the manufacturer had a lot of reasons to be careful when making it. Besides the longer wheelbase and wider and bigger front end, there is an elegantly shaped vehicle with many attractive details. Even though we expect a high luxury two-door coupe, there are high chances that manufacturer will offer few more versions of the seats and doors, as the car could become a convertible as well. Continue reading “2019 Ford Thunderbird”

2018 Ford Atlas Review

The Ford family is happy to welcome this year with a brand new release of their 2018 Ford Atlas pick-up. Designed with amazing features, this new release will give you the services you need. The vehicle is designed for among others, poor terrain. This latest Ford is an achievement in the sense that the fuel usage, the interior and outer designs are superbly blended to suit your comfort. Before we go further, let us look at some of the spectacular features that make this 2018 Ford Atlas unique. Continue reading “2018 Ford Atlas Review”

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2018 Ford Explorer is Dancing With the Stars

The new 2018 Ford Explorer is dancing with the stars when it comes to it’s popularity. Ford is a champion when it comes to the right timing in revealing the vehicle. Continue reading “2018 Ford Explorer is Dancing With the Stars”

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2018 Ford F-150 the Importance

The 2018 Ford f-150 is the aluminum assembled cab with steel standing frame. It has the upswing bed and the high tech Raptor forward facing slide. It is a heavy duty engine in which power is outsourced from a structured diesel machine and it is transmitted through ultramodern eight speed spontaneous transmission. The space of cargo is an important part of the ford f 150. The truck is designed smaller and it has more effective carriage capacity. The superior features of this car are materials can be fitted inside the cabin and it provides the convenience for the drivers. Continue reading “2018 Ford F-150 the Importance”

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2018 Ford F-150 EcoBoost

The 2018 Ford F-150 EcoBoost is made up of high strength, military grade as well as aluminum alloy body with high strength steel frame without necessarily weighing more. Manufacturers have made sure that it will have the best-in class towing as well as payload and that it will also have an improved power and carrying capacity. In order to achieve this goal, they have included a 4 engine line up, it also comes with better fuel efficiency. Continue reading “2018 Ford F-150 EcoBoost”

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2018 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Review and Specs

There were multiple spy shots that leaked during last few weeks featuring 2018 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor, but none of them actually showcased the SVT Raptor version. This doesn’t necessarily imply that there won’t be any SVT Raptor edition of the forthcoming F-150. This is because the SVT Raptor is an implicit certainty for the forthcoming F-150. Continue reading “2018 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Review and Specs”

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