2019 Dodge Rampage

2019 Dodge Rampage is a brand new vehicle on US market but made on the known model and with recognizable and well-known parts that manufacturer usually use for their vehicles. It is much wider and larger car than before which manufacturer constructed for family usage and comfortable driving. However, there are many changes from the last model, starting from the vehicle performances, speed, and engine strength, to greatly designed chassis. Do not be fooled by its largeness, it has great fuel economy thanks to large engine paired with five-speed automatic transmission and aluminum which is used for chassis. If you are interested in this vehicle you should know that it will be on the market in second half of the year for a favorable price. Continue reading “2019 Dodge Rampage”

2019 Dodge Durango SRT – performance SUV running faster

Even though the manufacturer has not confirmed anything about changing in 2019 Dodge Durango yet, we have reasons to believe that few redesigning expects this model next year. The main reason so long exists of this model on the market, as it is released back to 2010 and an official announcement from the manufacturer that the new model will not be released before 2020. So, some changes have to be done. Take in mind that nothing of these we will say in the article is not confirmed and all is based on rumors, but also do not forget that after 7 years of selling the same model something simply has to be changed. Continue reading “2019 Dodge Durango SRT – performance SUV running faster”

2019 Dodge Grand Caravan

Shortly after the manufacturer announced changes in some existing models, we heard that 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan will actually not be produced at all. Somewhere in the middle of the next year, the manufacturer will stop with the production of this mini-van. Even though this information is not confirmed yet, and we got different information from the manufacturer, we cannot avoid the fact that some of the very important names from this factory were very mysterious about this information. Continue reading “2019 Dodge Grand Caravan”

2019 Dodge SRT Barracuda

It was a long time ago when Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne announced 2019 Dodge SRT Barracuda, as a new car under the famous name and attractive design. However, when Marchionne said that, it was 2013, and he promised that the car will look like the Barracuda and has a unique design. Fans, on the other hand, said that it is not a real Barracuda and this car should not be called like that in any circumstances, explaining this with numerous changes in the design of the car. In 2013 even the manufacturer has not wanted to use that name, so we were confused which part will be Barracuda actually. Even the design and shape of the car is a big question. As the first Barracuda made in 70’s firstly has a muscle design, then became a classic European style car and then was been closer to Formula 1. So, not is a question which of those designs manufacturer will use. The only thing which is known is that it will have an engine stronger than 350 horsepower under the hood. Continue reading “2019 Dodge SRT Barracuda”

2018 Dodge Barracuda Review and Specs

2018 Dodge Barracuda is the future car for all true lovers of powerful and sports caes. As always, Dodge pushes the boundaries of one class and it does with the new Baracuda. Let us remind you, the first Baracuda was a Plymouth and it was originally released in 1964 (wiki info). Continue reading “2018 Dodge Barracuda Review and Specs”

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2018 Dodge Viper Roadster Review

2018 Dodge Viper Roadster is a car which sets the goal further. It is the kind of a car it will hit the market and become a legend with crowds worshiping the existence of the vehicle. It is a newly designed old model with some new extra features hitting the market in the right moment with the right offer. Continue reading “2018 Dodge Viper Roadster Review”

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