2019 Buick Avista

2019 Buick Avista has undergone huge changes in order to attract new buyers, mostly younger, and increase the selling after years of crisis. There are many changes in the design of the car, including changes in lights and ends, but there is also new engine and much better technology in the cabin. Even the old buyers will be satisfied with technology improvements and changes in cabin design. However, Avista is still great vehicle with great modern sporty design, attractive to men and women equally. Thanks to these changes it is a perfect competitor to Dodge vehicle, RAM and Chrysler, and some models made in Chevrolet. Continue reading “2019 Buick Avista”

2019 Buick Grand National – Begins with a joy

2019 Buick Grand National brings so many changes that every buyer will be satisfied with, but some of those changes are not visible either attractive. As the manufacturer decided, most of redesigning are in terms of technology in the cabin and material which is a car made of. The reason is bad fuel economy which this car had in past decade and which caused low selling and bad reviews. This time car is made of lightweight materials and has improved engine, so we cannot deny that new Buick is an economic car for every type of buyers. Continue reading “2019 Buick Grand National – Begins with a joy”

2018 Buick Enclave Review and Specs

2018 Buick Enclave is probably a vehicle that many people wants keeping in mind its predecessor had a really good sale during the previous years. It can make a boom on the market as it is a crossover SUV, a very popular type of a vehicle in the United States. Continue reading “2018 Buick Enclave Review and Specs”

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2018 Buick Cascada Engine and Review

2018 Buick Cascada is the most gracious convertible vehicle we have heard of coming in 2018. The factory remains pretty much silent about the specifications, although there is numerous articles on the internet abut it. Cascada is coming shortly, so let us see what can we expect from a Buick’s brand new convertible, the 2018 Cascada Continue reading “2018 Buick Cascada Engine and Review”

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2017 Buick Grand National Redesign and Changes

2017 Buick Grand National is quite opposite of what Buick have represented during the eighties. In 1980’s Buick was a synonym for fast and quick cars. In 1984. Buick was even faster than the Chevrolet’s two-seater in a quater-mile race. How the time was passing by, Buick has grown into a full-sized sedan. The 2017 Buick Grand National was born. Continue reading “2017 Buick Grand National Redesign and Changes”

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