2017 BMW M760Li xDrive

There is absolutely nothing more exciting than jumping into a top-performing luxury sedan like 2017 BMW M760Li xDrive and hit the road. Flexibility of this vehicle makes arranging a vacation a walk in a park; no matter if you choose that charming picnic destination you go to every week or exotic seaside still on your must-do list. It does not matter where you start or where you finish, the journey will be cozy and interesting as the car is geared up with the up-to-date technology and safety package. At least that is the manufacturer’s promise. The car is exhibited at 2016 Geneva Motor Show so it would not be long until we can all test it in the real life. Continue reading “2017 BMW M760Li xDrive”

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2017 BMW M9 Review and Price

We can confirm that the new 2017 BMW M9 is the most elegant and luxury car even made in BMW. The main cause of its perfection is its style and design improved since the last model has been released. Besides that, there are a lot of innovation and technology toys inside of it, with the best engine version which is available now on the market. Simply, this is the perfect car with great performances. Continue reading “2017 BMW M9 Review and Price”

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2017 BMW Alpina B7

As every car maker worth its salt is sure to show up at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show with mouthwatering machines, the BMW’s Alpina division prepared their own eye-catching ride, which was recently unveiled. You probably guessed, we are talking about, BMW’s 7-series inspired high-performance 2017 BMW Alpina B7 that looks even better that we could imagine and packs a 600 horsepower engine to boot. Its sibling BMW’s M760i xDrive is also revealed at the Show which provoked many discussions revolving around a question which is more appealing of the two. We will restrain from answering that question until we take them both for a spin. Continue reading “2017 BMW Alpina B7”

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2017 BMW X6 M F86

The new 2017 BMW X6 M F86 is a high-performance mid-size luxury crossover currently displayed at the Geneva Auto Show. The X6 M, now in its second generation, is quite a looker. Moreover, it has spacious cabin and a boosted V8 engine under the hood. With rivals like Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE63 S Coupe, Porsche Cayenne Turbo and Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR the BMW will have to update this vehicle every year to remain competitive. So, let’s see what this magnificent machine has to offer. Continue reading “2017 BMW X6 M F86”

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2017 BMW i8 Specification

BMW has continued to amaze the world with their revolutionary car designs. And their new entry 2017 BMW i8 has definitely sent ripples of amazement in the auto industry. The car is a two-seater sport coupe with a body shell made of carbon-fiber reinforced plastic.If you love car fanatic here is an indepth breakdown of the 2017 BMW i8’s details. Continue reading “2017 BMW i8 Specification”

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2018 BMW M2 Concept


What is there not to love about BMW? Now expecting new 2018 BMW M2 concept, prolific twin-turbo S55 3.0-liter inline-six motor power, it’s next’s year babe magnet!
For those little less informed, BMW M series are sports model cars, BMWs proudly created racing program that include modified engines, transmissions, aerodynamics, suspensions, interior trims, and exterior modifications unmatched to any other car. Continue reading “2018 BMW M2 Concept”

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