2019 Honda Civic

2019 Honda Civic brings only a few changes and redesigning from the last model and perhaps new electric engine. Besides that, there are no many changes since the last redesigning happened 2016 when manufacturer changed this model in every detail. However, every new version presumes slight redesigning and that happen with this model, too. So, now we will see new lights, bumpers, and wheels, together with the new electric engine. Continue reading “2019 Honda Civic”

2019 Dodge Rampage

2019 Dodge Rampage is a brand new vehicle on US market but made on the known model and with recognizable and well-known parts that manufacturer usually use for their vehicles. It is much wider and larger car than before which manufacturer constructed for family usage and comfortable driving. However, there are many changes from the last model, starting from the vehicle performances, speed, and engine strength, to greatly designed chassis. Do not be fooled by its largeness, it has great fuel economy thanks to large engine paired with five-speed automatic transmission and aluminum which is used for chassis. If you are interested in this vehicle you should know that it will be on the market in second half of the year for a favorable price. Continue reading “2019 Dodge Rampage”

2019 Hummer H1

2019 Hummer H1 is an old car under the new name, made by the new manufacturer, but with the memory of old cars as we know. To be more confused, the popular vehicle is made in the new factory because the old manufacturer does not want to make new models again. Let’s recall the old Hummer, it has been made in GM until 2010, when that manufacturer simply stopped with producing, but without the plan how that brand will be produced in the future. So, buyers who loved Hummer simply had no chances to see again their lovely car. However, three visionaries Bob Lutz, Gilbert Villarreal and Henrik Fisker, owners of VLF Automotives, started with the production of these models in China, preparing them for China market only. Continue reading “2019 Hummer H1”

2019 Honda CRV

2019 Honda CR-V is slightly redesigned car changed to be more competitive with modern cars but still recognizable and unique on the market of crossovers. Even though the manufacturer has made a change in 2016 model, they changed it again for next year. However, those changes are in details and include possible changes in engine type, too. Continue reading “2019 Honda CRV”