2019 Lincoln Continental

This new 2019 Lincoln Continental is set to be unveiled in late 2017 as a 2019 model. Lincoln was always known as a luxury car and new 2019 Continental is no different. Taking place at MKS ground, new Lincoln model will get its buyers in no time.

2019 Lincoln Continental Exterior

The new 2019 Lincoln Continental is based on the Volvo and the CD4 platform. A long vehicle, big to gain stability feeling and comfortable and joyful rides on long trips, it is all 2019 Lincoln Continental. A four door luxurious car with simple design, LED headlights and square front mask with characteristic Lincoln’s logo and elegant grille is the main recognizable touch of next year’s model. Rims are enormous, how it’s should be, because it is a huge car. Those wheels gives the car more elegant and more expensive look, even at it’s price range.



The interior of this car is so luxurious, it hurts watching it without having to sit inside. Full-leather interior, which means the steering wheel, the dashboard and the seats of course are covered in expensive high class ultra durable leather.

As this is the model for next year, it comes with a great gadgets and touchscreen screens. Wide wind shield gives more light and wide viewing angle so it is nice to drive the next year’s 2019 Lincoln Continental. Seat belts are integrated to the seats and this car comes with four seats. There is a passenger and a seat divider in between. This is useful when taking a long trip and need more space for yourself.

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The engine built in is the 2.3 liter, EcoBoost four-cylinder, while the top of the range version is expected to get a more powerful variant of the 3.5 liter, EcoBoost V-6 from the current MKS.


The estimated price is $40,000 with not more than a $50,000 for the most tuned up model. So, if you choose the higher level equipment model, you should get by under $49,000.

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