2019 Dodge Rampage

2019 Dodge Rampage is a brand new vehicle on US market but made on the known model and with recognizable and well-known parts that manufacturer usually use for their vehicles. It is much wider and larger car than before which manufacturer constructed for family usage and comfortable driving. However, there are many changes from the last model, starting from the vehicle performances, speed, and engine strength, to greatly designed chassis. Do not be fooled by its largeness, it has great fuel economy thanks to large engine paired with five-speed automatic transmission and aluminum which is used for chassis. If you are interested in this vehicle you should know that it will be on the market in second half of the year for a favorable price.


Looking from the front end of 2019 Dodge Rampage there is massive mesh grille separated on four with the metallic wide line. On the sides are recognizable large LED lights and lines instead of fog lights below them. On the bottom of the bumper are wide air intake and wide metallic protection. In order to increase speed, there is air intake on the top of the hood, too. Special and authentic rear end has large lights, spread on the sides of the bumper and large hands in the middle of the truck door. Thanks to aluminum used for chassis the car is lightweight and much easily driven than before. Large 22-inch tires provide stability and better driving performances.


Inside of 2019 Dodge Rampage has completely functional and large cabin with five seats for grown-up passengers. The cabin is made of a combination of dark grey and red fabric, with the special material used for smoother seats. Thanks to the slide doors the second row are much wider and comfortable with space for entering. In terms of technology, there is Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, audio and sound system and many other novelties.

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2019 Dodge Rampage will have a strong 5.7-liter HEMI V8 engine with 345 horsepower, paired with the five-speed automatic transmission. As the manufacturer promised, we should be prepared for a diesel engine, too. There is no information about the hybrid powertrain, but some fans are willing to buy a version with that type of engine.

2019 Dodge Rampage Release Date and Price

Being a concept vehicle 2019 Dodge Rampage is planned to be on the market as a commercial truck at the end of 2018. The price is not known by now, but we expect a number around $30,000 which is the price for the previous model.

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