2019 Dodge Grand Caravan

Shortly after the manufacturer announced changes in some existing models, we heard that 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan will actually not be produced at all. Somewhere in the middle of the next year, the manufacturer will stop with the production of this mini-van. Even though this information is not confirmed yet, and we got different information from the manufacturer, we cannot avoid the fact that some of the very important names from this factory were very mysterious about this information.

Some of them were Dino Chiodo, a head chef in Canada said that they cannot be sure in removing of this model since it is still on the market and shows good selling numbers, while LouAnn Gosselin, head in communication in this factory did not confirm any changes in their production. However, even the FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne said, on media conference on North American Auto Show, that they have planned to stop with producing of Grand Caravan, but when that will happen is not clear yet.

Meanwhile, there is no information about the look and design of this model. We had the last model, revealed for the 2017 year, which has undergone only a few changes, so we cannot expect changes in the next model for now. It is not clear why would the manufacturer stop with producing one of the most popular minivans on the market, that takes 45% of all vans sold in the US and even 56% of vans sold in Canada. Grand Caravan has been popular and still is among buyers so even that happens, which car will replace it? We thought that Dodge 200 could replace it, but it will also be removed from the market, so there are high chances that the manufacturer will offer new crossover instead of 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan, no matter how strange it sounds.

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2019 Dodge Grand Caravan Conclusion

One of the reasons why 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan will go from the market of mini-vans is loosing of interest for mini-vans on the market. Even though the last model is well sold in past decade, people do not like vans anymore. They prefer crossovers now, which are larger and much modernized than vans, and Grand Caravan, to be honest, is one of the most traditional and old-fashioned vans on the market nowadays. If we take in mind that other manufacturers had much better selling of crossovers, we can understand why 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan is not attractive anymore. Even the price of only $23,000 for the base model is not enough to be interesting for new buyers. However, stay with us for new information!

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