2018 Toyota Prius Hybrid Review and Specs

2018 Toyota Prius Hybrid version is a vehicle that will place hybrid standards even higher. Toyota revealed the first Prius more than 15 years ago (in 1997) and until now kept improving the concept. The body of 2018 Toyota Prius is not changed because it stands for itself. When you see the design, you just know it’s a Toyota and it is a Prius. So, this design started the hybrid history.

2018 Toyota Prius Specs

The new Prius is the fourth Prius generation. The redesign absence is a big critics for Toyota, but we think engine efficiency and stability is what’s more important. 2018 Toyota Prius will start it’s sale in late 2015 and the plug-in model will follow a year later. 2018 Prius will have a great fuel economy of amazing 55 miles per gallon! The plug-in version will exceed this border and probably be more than 60 miles per gallon! Great job, Toyota! The starting price will be the same as the previous model, and it should go around $25,000. This is not that much for a car that can travel 60 miles per gallon. Very good.


As it is already said, the exterior will not be changed. Maybe Toyota will use some different materials for assembling it, but the concept will not be threatened.


As technology improves and technical gadgets are mandatory in every today’s vehicle, 2018 Toyota Prius is going to be filled with these. Toyota probably tried to compensate the lack of engineers of exterior design capabilities. Leather seats, wheel and gadget opulence will come with numerous trim levels. Toyota gives the opportunity to their customers to build their own vehicle. This must be interesting and it can be done on Toyota’s official website.

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2018 Toyota Prius Hybrid will use lithium-ion battery. Since the very first Toyota Prius arrived at dealers in Japan in 1997, the Prius has used nickel-metal-hydride cells in its high-voltage battery pack. This new 2018 Toyota Prius will be made in the United States of America.

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