2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Review and Specs

2018 Mitsubishi Outlander is the latest SUV revealed by the Japanese car company. Sadly, it seems the new 2018 Outlander will be way back with the both exterior and interior build quality. We believe it is the way to reduce the price of a product, but anyways we do not justify this move.

Exterior and Interior


Seemingly, this car is a rough terrain vehicle that is capable of overcoming all forms of barriers. Sadly this is true on the paper only. It is a nice looking SUV with five big doors and a high ground clearance with all-shinny alloy rims and big rear mirrors. There are chromium details on the front, back and on the side of the new Outlander, but it is only a makeup. The light group is nicely designed and all modern, but we just feel something is missing here. By comparing it with Toyota or Ford SUV’s, 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander feels plastic.


The same story will follow you to the interior. Cheap materials are all over the cabin, although there are all necessary aids to a driver (a Bluetooth connection, GPS navigation, touch screen display,…). Nothing is here to give you the “WOW” effect. We got to admit we expected more from a Mitsubishi. Do not take us wrong, it is still a great car, but there is a compensation for the price. Partly understandable, though.


Outlander will be matched with the 2.4-liter MIVEC 4-cylinder engine that is producing 166 horsepower. Strong enough and this is a great news. Rumors are present, that the new 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander will be a hybrid as well – which is one more great news about this car.

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2018 Mitsubishi OutlanderRelease Date and Price

Just be patient and grab your 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander in July by the price of $27,740 for the two-wheel drive to spicy $46,890 for the all-wheel drive.

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