2018 Infiniti Etherea Concept

Another concept from Infiniti: 2018 Infiniti Etherea Concept has arrived! It is designed to make a clear path to all future Infiniti vehicles. It will be 14 feet long, compact, but in the other hand both space efficient and practical, as Infiniti said on the official webpage.

Exterior and Interior

One key feature of the 2018 Infiniti Etherea Concept is the absence of the B-pillar, so sitting inside the vehicle will give passengers a true feeling of openness. Imagine driving the car that is not a convertible and yet the feeling remains. Amazing. Pure design strike! 2018 Infiniti Etherea is designed to be quite short, only some 14 feet, but that will give the agility to the vehicle. Large wheels will give the necessary comfort inside and the aerodynamics will give us a quiet ride of this 2018 Etherea Concept.

Inside the 2018 Etherea Concept you can feel the futuristic design presence. Perfectly curved dashboard will give you more sence of the greatness, while the steering wheel is modern and gives the right feeling of control on the road. Center-mounted screen will give the information needed and the gearstick is placed right on the spot. Safe features are present more than ever and now air bags are present in every little corner of the cabin. The electronic driving assistance is upgraded and now provides a true assist to a driver. Only possible problem would be the A-pillars that are quite wide and it will be hard to see through them.


There will be a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder hybrid engine under the hood and it will produce 245 horsepower. It will be able to provide quick response and strong acceleration, as Infiniti already stated. It’s worth mentioning, the transmission is a continuously variable (CVT) type and drive is to the front wheels.

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2018 Infiniti Etherea Release Date and Price

More information about the new Infiniti Etherea: http://www.infinitiusa.com/now/future-vehicles/infiniti-etherea-concept

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