2018 Infiniti EMERG-E Sports Car Concept Review

2018 Infiniti EMERG-­E Sports Car is an advanced electric motor powered sports car concept by Infiniti. This model will boost Infiniti models directly to the future and all with only electric powered vehicles. It is expected to get a long range with this concept.

Exterior and Interior


On the outside, 2018 Infiniti EMERG-­E Sports Car Concept looks like a real and serious sports car. It is low with low ground clearance, wide wheels and stable positioning. It has the perfect aerodynamics and therefore consumpts less energy to be driven. Precisely designed and carefully assembled, 2018 Infiniti EMERG-­E will give you long range with one charging. One more thing: it’s wrapped ni carbon fibre!
Inside, it’s the heaven itself. There are not many hints of the interior yet, but we can only assume how it’s going to look inside, while the exterior is this mad!

Infiniti Emerg-E Concept


The 2018 Infiniti EMERG-­E Sports Car will come with powerful 402 horsepower (which is precisely 300kW) and it will accelerate from 0-60 in just four seconds and from 0 to 130 mph in less than 30 seconds!

2018 EMERG-­E Sports Car Release Date and Price

There are not yet release dates announced, nor the price. Although we are all waiting for the vehicle to get to the market, we will be patient to let Infiniti do their job as good as they can do. With the car like this, Infiniti will strike the market and maybe even push big names out of the game, as no one is taking care of electric powered vehicles like Infiniti does. 2018 EMERG-­E Sports Car Concept is the future changing vehicle and you can see the photos of it. It will be possible driving it slow or fast as hell, however anybody wishes.
Truly amazing, let’s just hope the price won’t be massive as the power of the 2018 Infiniti EMERG-­E Sports Car Concept.

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More information about 2018 EMERG-­E Sports Car: http://www.infinitiusa.com/now/future-vehicles/the-infiniti-emerg-e-sports-car-concept

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