2018 Ford Atlas Review

The Ford family is happy to welcome this year with a brand new release of their 2018 Ford Atlas pick-up. Designed with amazing features, this new release will give you the services you need. The vehicle is designed for among others, poor terrain. This latest Ford is an achievement in the sense that the fuel usage, the interior and outer designs are superbly blended to suit your comfort. Before we go further, let us look at some of the spectacular features that make this 2018 Ford Atlas unique.

What Is the Overall Performance Like?

Superb! This is virtually the first pick-up that has a Stop-Start system. This helps the vehicle navigate through different terrains with ease. Depending on the speed of the engine, the vehicle has special vents that help it open and later close. This in turn helps boost aerodynamics. This amazing feature is intended to combat the over-consumption of gas by many other vehicles of its kind. In spite of Ford not releasing full information regarding the total performance of the 2018 Ford Atlas, the much we know at the moment is vital. It has evolved to reach 3.5 L EcoBoost V6 engine.

New Ford Atlas Engine Performance

The 2018 Ford Atlas has a state of the earth engine performance. As mentioned in the preceding paragraph, the pick-up has a 3.5 L V6 torque engine that comes with 280 hp versus 339Nm. On the other hand, Ford also has plans to release another 2.7 L EcoBoost V6 engine that comes with 320 hp/508Nm torque among other things. This is particularly helpful since it is intended that once these vehicles of similar ability are released, they will see the exit of guzzlers such as the 6.2 L V8. The former perform the same job with much lower gas consumption.

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Interior Design

You can not fathom how the interior design looks like. It is stunning! You cannot compare this 2018 Atlas with its predecessor. The interior color is sparkling blue. Nice creamy, gold and somewhat bluish colored leather seats that will give you the day’s comfort. Surprisingly, the vehicle looks bigger in the interior and exterior size than the 2014 Ford Atlas. While this is true, the vehicle is about 300kgs less. This is possible because of the light materials used for manufacturing it like aluminum. The vehicle has a glass-roof opening that allows free circulation of fresh air and light. It also has a payload location for your luggage. What a vehicle for this year.

2018 Ford Atlas Release Date And Pricing

With all these amazing features, the 2018 Atlas is affordable. With only $29,410 (price is not official confirmed) you can comfortably own this luxurious vehicle that is also considered a status symbol.

The 2018 Ford Atlas will be released in the year it is named after, 2018, acording to some rumors and predictions.

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