2018 Ferrari FF Coupe – Patent Renderings

2018 Ferrari FF Coupe with its rear seats removed and slightly changed air vents on the grille are only few reasons on how it will be different than a previous FF model. The FF abandoned the clan of all the people who liked the old styled Ferrari and gave us something new. But not everybody liked the changes, so Ferrari will try to make things right with this new model.


It has been already mentioned that this 2018 Ferrari FF Coupe is the old-style Ferrari. Does this mean it will exclude all the fancy new design? No, of course not. But, The design itself looks old and is certainly going to be welcomed among older Ferrari fans. Wide vehicle with low ground clearance and LED headlights are only few things that will give this Ferrari leap to the market. Two-door super car is set to it’s limits with the design features, so we can’t wait for the next generation to come just to see the differences. Take a look at the pictures to see the similarities with the old Ferrari.


Interior can’t be left stuck in time, so 2018 FF Coupe is designed to be comfortable and above all – safe car. It is a sports car that needs to be safe because driver of one Ferrari can push it to the limits. We won’t speculate is it legal or not, it is just as is. Great safe features and comfortable seats can provide a nice ride to both passengers. The engine noise is low, so we applaud to Ferrari’s engineers for that. The view angle is nice as well and driving it is a heaven.

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2018 Ferrari FF Coupe will feature a 6.3-liter V12 engine that generates 651 horsepower. Nice and loud, you have to admit. We won’t look at the gas mileage for this model.

Release Date and Price

2018 Ferrari FF Coupe should be available to the market any time now by the price of $300,000.

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