2017 Mercedes C-Class

2017 Mercedes C Class featured

We used to see the best from Mercedes, and with 2017 Mercedes C-Class those expectations will be fulfilled. Maybe the most interesting feature with this car is its proportions. At the opposite of the last model, the new Mercedes has much to offer, in term of engine and fuel consumption but much more in term of design and modern details.


2017 Mercedes C Class view
2017 Mercedes C -Class view

Some knower said that the new Mercedes looks like the Chevrolet Cobalt coupe, which is its main competitor. As the two-door C-class coupe, the 2017 Mercedes C-Class is pretended to be the leader in the European and North America markets. It’s surely lower car for 0.8 inches with much sportier suspension, but it’s still small and compact coupe. With upright windshields and softer bumpers, the new Mercedes has unique (but recognizable) front and rear fenders with large 19-inch wheels. Even the rear end seems soft and gentle; the whole body looks aggressive and muscle for stronger and faster demands. There will be a lot of trim versions, like Comfort and Sporty, which change the details inside and outside of the car, with special features for every option as well.


2017 Mercedes C Class cabin
2017 Mercedes C -Class cabin

Can you escape the question if this Mercedes will be wide and roomy as any before? And the answer is – yes, it will. One of the Mercedes trademarks, the roomy space inside is the main feature in the 2017 Mercedes C-Class, too. But, that’s not all. The new car is equipped with the precise steering wheel, sporty seats, adjustable and comfort and leather upholstery. This is fulfilled with all technology which is expected for this class of the car, like Bluetooth, USB/iPod connection, sound and audio system, HD radio, CD player, a navigation system, auxiliary input and all well allocated on a large display in redesigned and modern dashboard.

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2017 Mercedes C Class engine
2017 Mercedes C- Class engine

The base model 2017 Mercedes C-Class has Daimler’s 2.0 liters turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 241 horsepower in the all-wheel driving system. The speed of 60 mph increase for 6 seconds and top speed will be 155 mph, at least on the European version. There will be a stronger 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine with 469 and stronger 4.0 liter V8 in sports version with 503 horsepower of strength.

2017 Mercedes C Class Price

Knowing the usual prices of the Mercedes cars, the number of $40,000 even for the base model of 2017 Mercedes C-Class sounds very favorable for the average buyer.

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