2017 Lincoln Continental

The new model of Lincoln, the 2017 Lincoln Continental is set to come back to the market in 2016. There are numerous articles on the internet about the 2015 Lincoln continental and you should all know it is unveiled at the New York Auto Show. The comeback of the Continental is officially stated by Lincoln.


2017 Lincoln Continental review

As the Lincoln only made gracious car models this vehicle is not the exception. Perfectly glamour line and style hit the body of the new 2017 Lincoln Continental. The grille on the car appears knitted and it suits the gallant design of the Continental. Lights are strong and the windshield is wide enough to enable free look from the cabin.


2017 Lincoln Continental interior

On the inside, the 2017 Lincoln Continental will give you as many good stuff as much you need. It is quite luxurious vehicle and will give all the passengers comfort they deserve in a car like this. Many of the safety features will be built in and the level of safety will hit the highest boundary, so it is going to be hard to find a better equipped car. We wont say anything about the technology built in, it is certain all the gadgets will be top quality.


The engine built inside the chassis of the new Continental is going to be able to push the car up to 155 mph and it will get from 0-60 in some 6 seconds, as it is revealed. However, the specific engine models and variations are not yet known.
2017 Lincoln Continental side

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2017 Lincoln Continental Release Date and Price

The price is estimated around $75,000 for the new 2017 Lincoln Continental and it should be available to the buyers sometimes in 2016. We will follow Lincoln and their announcements to fetch the precise release date. Stay online and read our pages to see for yourself. If you like this car, share the article and stay near.

You can follow the official website of the 2017 Lincoln Continental: http://www.lincoln.com/continental-concept/

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