2017 GTO Judge – A New Custom Made Muscle Car?

We stumbled on some rumors that new 2017 GTO Judge is coming to the market. We love muscle car, and we loved first GTO from 1969, and we wanted to see what is all fuss about, and look a little deeper in rumor.

The first thing we all know that Pontiac is dead for few years now, and not coming back. So, we know that it is not 2017 Pontiac GTO Judge, but maybe it is custom built like new Trans AM Bandit edition,and they have Body Kit from Chevrolet Camaro (it is donated, and you have to pay it).

Now, we look and look for official info, but we did not find it, and this is what we found:

2017 GTO Judge Price

When it comes to price,(we still talk that it is custom made, not Pontiac) many customers do not think about Chevrolet who is donor of Camaros body kit, and the price is to high. When you know that the price for new Trans am Bandit is starting at $115K (including the Chevy donor), youhave to expect that custom made GTO will cost at least $140K (including the Chevy donor).


There are many option for the engine, but if you really wanna 2017 GTO Judge be a muscle car than put it to the max, you pay for it anyway. For example you could get 6.2 liter V-8 engine with 430 hp, and that is nice, but do you think that is better if you take 7.4-liter LSX V8 engine, 2.9 with 840 hp? Now, that is muscle car, and something that you can call GTO.

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Because it is all custom made, interior can be any colour you want, and all inside you can order as you wanna.

When it comes to exterior, we have to take in equation that it is Chay Camaro based chassis, so it will alweys look like Camaro at least a little bit. But, you can do all kind of thing to change it a liitle bit. So, it will have new look, and you will have one awesome muscle GTO!


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