2017 Ford Mondeo Review and Price

2017 Ford Mondeo comes out three years after previous model of Ford Mondeo, so we should be able to buy a new very soon. The Fords masterpiece was presented at Detroit Auto Show in January 2012. After that we have waited and waited, but it is finally out! Well, it will be on January of 2017.The new 2017 Ford Mondeo for European market was not built in Ford factory in Belgium, like his older brother, but in Spain.

The new Mondeo is still robust as the previous ones are, it’s concept does not fall far away from “Mondeo” line and design. The technology follows the class as well, but Ford fails to make a point, how it seems. Anyway, many people like to drive a big car, maybe a crossover. On the other hand, many people like them tiny, in the form of a small city car. Ford Mondeo 2017 is nothing like that.

2017 Ford Mondeo review
You want to drive an SUV? Go for Kuga or wait for a while for the slightly bigger Edge. Like the mpg specification of Fiesta and its viewing angles? Buy a smaller car then. Mondeo is a great car, do not think something else but it looks like it is just below some bigger models and enormously bigger than a small city car. However, if you like to travel far distances and not to sit high above the ground, maybe the Mondeo is made for you, after all. It is comfortable enough to drive you all the way coast-to-coast. Its mileage is not that bad, although it is a middle sized car.
2017 Ford Mondeo side

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Concept Engine

2017 Ford Mondeo will be powered with a new petrol 1.5-litre Ecoboost turbo with nice 169bhp. It seems as it is right enough for the body of the car and it’s 1,484 kerb weight. The second engine is 2.0 TDCI with 210hp (the old Mondeo had only 180hp), although there are web rumors that the gear change will not be precise in this model – we will wait to see is that true. Many buyers of the Ford Mondeo for 2017 will go for a diesel engine which is followed by a reason that it is much stronger and it uses less fuel, but 1.5-litre petrol engine is quiet, has right enough power and can do a 48.7 mpg! Of course Fiesta is cheaper to run and maintain, but the Mondeo is bigger, has more comfort and it is certainly a safer car.

2017 Ford Mondeo interior

2017 Ford Mondeo Price

2017 Ford Mondeo is a car that will cost around $25000, as it is announced on non-official sites.

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