2017 BMW i3 Review and Price

2017 BMW i3 featured

The name BMW i3 is not given by accident. That means that whole new line in the next year will be the part of the new model’s mark, logically named for electric car and which will consist of new models with completely new features. First will be made three models – aside this i3 small hatchback there will be also the i8 plug-in hybrid coupe and the new model which still doesn’t have the name. The knowers refer about new, still unnamed model, known as i5, but there is no clear information about it. Rumors are, BMW i3 will offer some exclusive specs to future Apple Car, which is just a concept for now.


2017 BMW i3 view
2017 BMW i3 view

The outside look of the car is not that significant when you are buying the electric car. Even the engineers have no reasons for designing something special and different from other cars on the markets. The only important thing is its performances in order to make greener car for making world safety and healthy. So, there is no information about the looking of this electric miracle.


2017 BMW i3 inside
2017 BMW i3 inside

There is no information about the inside of the 2017 BMW i3, neither. Having the best innovation in the engine term, we can expect some interesting things like best technology and innovations towards safety on the road and driving enjoyment, but that’s still on the engineers table for now.


2017 BMW i3 engine
2017 BMW i3 engine

The main changes are in term of engine stability, duration and reliability. Some knowers who know the changes in new electric engines said that the real competitor of BMW i3 is Tesla cars and it has great improvements in next period for their new engines. So, let’s see what the BMW had prepared. The main goal for all electric cars in the future is must longer travel distance with one fueling of the engine. The planned range of 2017 BMW i3 is 81 miles for 22 kWh battery pack. Those who follow the news about electric cars know that’s not quite long for the car on alternative fuel. So, the first feature which they need to change is battery duration. Then, the new battery combines the plug-in charging and the battery swap systems which is just one resolution for battery plugging. There’s need to have more, like wireless charging platform to boot, like some other electric cars are planning. Finally, BMW has to plan some innovations and performances in term of speed and driving performances if they want to be the competitor with some known models, like Tesla.

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2017 BMW i3 Price

The planned price according to some rumors is around $20,000 which is not much in this class of the car.

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