2017 Dodge Rampage Specifications

2017 Dodge Rampage is going to be a nice and elegant truck. It has been designed to have an open space concept, but also can be used as a family car. There is not much information about the 2017 Dodge Rampage truck and it’s specs, but we will show you all the known specifications. Continue reading “2017 Dodge Rampage Specifications”

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2017 Toyota Supra – The New Super Car

Over the years, Toyota has shown us that this company has it all for designing and manufacturing super cars. 2017 Toyota Supra is the new super car that will be revealed from Toyota. Continue reading “2017 Toyota Supra – The New Super Car”

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2016 Toyota Tacoma Diesel Details


Toyota is expected to take off road performance and comfort to the next level by the release of the 2016 Toyota Tacoma Diesel. The concept is enhanced by the fact that this car is designed with ample strength to perform well especially in off-road driving while at the same time there will be an upgrade of various features to make this vehicle comfortable. Some of these features are borrowed from the previous models while some are being introduced for the first time. Continue reading “2016 Toyota Tacoma Diesel Details”

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2017 BMW i8 Specification

BMW has continued to amaze the world with their revolutionary car designs. And their new entry 2017 BMW i8 has definitely sent ripples of amazement in the auto industry. The car is a two-seater sport coupe with a body shell made of carbon-fiber reinforced plastic.If you love car fanatic here is an indepth breakdown of the 2017 BMW i8’s details. Continue reading “2017 BMW i8 Specification”

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2016 Trans Am SE Bandit Edition

The new rumor in world’s car industry: 2016 Trans Am SE Bandit Edition. The rumor is all over the internet for more than couple of months and now it is on Top Speed. It is still not confirmed by Pontiac, because the new Bandit Edition is making Trans Am Depot. Continue reading “2016 Trans Am SE Bandit Edition”

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2017 Infiniti q40 – Super fast and furious

A brand new model for the luxury buyers, which will provide more safety for the drivers to have control on critical situations. An excellent choice for the one who really want more fun behind the wheels. The g37 is renamed as Infiniti Q40 with its additional features. It is considered as the best striker of the year 2017 when compared to BMW 320i and other branded models. Continue reading “2017 Infiniti q40 – Super fast and furious”

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